Caveau Bar


Launched in 2012, Caveau Bar is a one-stop destination for your wine or coffee fix, nestled in the corner street of Shaw Centre.
Brewing back into business mid-April 2015 with a new glass façade for a peek into its edgy grey slate tiles and brick walls with energetic tunes, it’s the perfect pit-stop in Orchard Road to sip coffee while people-watching on a humid afternoon.
In this tiny den devoted to the glory of wine, liven the night up with a gleaming collection of wines to choose from in this dimly-lit speakeasy-style bar.
Born into the Les Amis Group and sister company Vinum Fine Wines, leave your palates to good hands of award-winning sommeliers who are keen to share more about wines with you. From novice to connoisseurs, there’s something for everyone here.
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