Scrumptious additions to Bistro Du Vin’s menu

Ever since Bistro Du Vin’s revamp earlier this year featuring a modern look, a new chef and menu; fans of the authentic French bistro experience have been spotted coming back for more of Chef Laurent’s mouth-watering French fare. In appreciation for everyone’s overwhelming support, and in the spirit of keeping things fresh, the Bistro Du Vin team have been working extra hard the past few weeks to put together a refreshed menu filled with novel, tantalising options that is sure to whet your appetites!

We won’t spoil the surprise, but some here are some of the new menu items that guests can look forward to – baked Burgundy escargots with garlic herbs butter, pan seared scallops with green peas, chicken stewed in apple … and many more.

The new menu will be available in mid September, in both Bistro Du Vin Shaw & Zion. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest news on Bistro Du Vin’s website and social media pages.

Sweet seasonal delights

Those who have tried Chef Cheryl’s artisanal French tarts would know that it is often hard to stop at just one. This season, delight in the popular fig tart, made with solliès figs, which are often hailed as one of the top fig varieties in France. Those who like plums can opt for the Mirabelle De Nancy, which features baked Mirabelle plums atop a delectable layer of almond cream. For a baked treat, the Pâté Aux Prune Angevin, a traditional Reine Claude plum tart from Anjou, is sure to satisfy.

Visit Tarte by Cheryl Koh’s website for the full catalogue.

Heart-warming Cantonese Congee

It has been a little over a month since the popular Mui Kee Cantonese congee hit the sunny shores of Singapore, over at Casa Verde. Those who have yet to try these luscious bowls of silky-smooth congee can make their way down to the Singapore Botanic Gardens to have a first-hand taste of the delicious Mui Kee congee, which is made over a 5-hour preparation period, using recipes and cooking techniques that have been passed down through 3 generations. Highly recommended would be the signature fish belly congee, which is best loved for its fragrant accompanying wok-hei taste.

Visit Mui Kee’s website for the full menu.

Are you up Pho the challenge?

3 bowls of pho in 20 mins? Hands up all those who think they can do that! The Ultimate Pho-Natic Challenge saw 8 contestants, 5 men and 3 ladies, battle it out as they aimed to devour as much of NamNam’s signature pho within 20 mins. The competition was held on 17 August over in Jakarta at NamNam Noodle Bar in Senayan City, in conjuction with Indonesia’s Independence Day. After a highly charged session, the top 3 winners emerged – each having polished off 2 bowls completely, and with just a little left in the third. It was a ball of fun, but we recommend you do not try this at home!