In 2003, Aoki Restaurant was established as a joint venture between Owner Chef Kunio Aoki and the Les Amis Group.
This 36-seater restaurant shares the Les Amis philosophy of offering the ultimate experience in fine dining, but in Japanese haute cuisine. The restaurant interior by Japanese interior architect Ikebuchi Koichiro embodies the essence of Zen minimalism.
Owner Chef Kunio Aoki presides over the sushi bar and kitchen. His culinary style is traditional, yet with modern undertones that keep his creations – from sushi, sashimi to sukiyaki – refreshingly contemporary. Unstinting in his demands to serve only the best produce sourced directly from Tsukiji Market and other artisanal suppliers from all over Japan, he has garnered a loyal following over the years.
Aoki is located at Shaw Centre, beside the group’s flagship restaurant Les Amis.
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