Bistro Du Vin Relaunches With A Bang

Bistro Du Vin reopened on 26 April with a spanking new facelift – complete with a new modern look, new chef, and a brand new menu filled with mouth-watering additions. The kitchen will be helmed by the latest member of the Bistro Du Vin family, Group Executive Chef Laurent Brouard, who hails from France with over 25 years of culinary experience. The team is set to continue serving authentic French bistro fare in an atmosphere of joie-de-vivre, with delicious French classic offerings such as Côte de porc grillée – free range pork from Corsica, as well as the new and improved Joue de bœuf braisée Grand-Mère – braised beef cheek served with bacon & mashed potatoes.

Reservations are now open – save yourself a seat in either one of our two outlets, or both!