Celebrating a Stronger Singapore

This year has been quite a ride and as we get used to the “new normal”, let’s not forget to celebrate our nation’s birthday as well. Despite this year’s stay home celebration, it shouldn’t deter us from celebrating with gusto as LINO, Mui Kee Congee and Peperoni Pizzeria will be offering a National Day Bundle on Deliveroo at only $55.

Choose between LINO’s modern Italian pastas, Peperoni Pizzeria’s wood-fired pizzas or Mui Kee Congee’s heritage-filled dishes, whichever that you choose, it is sure to make the stay home celebration a joyous one. For more information on the bundles or to place your orders, head over to the respective concept’s delivery platforms:

LINO | Mui Kee Congee | Peperoni Pizzeria