Fuyu Persimmon Tart

Tarte’s next seasonal release, the Fuyu Persimmon Tart features a layer of soft cinnamon sponge, topped with cream cheese filling, and premium Japanese Fuyu persimmons.

The Fuyu persimmon, or Diospyros kaki ‘fuyu’, is a non-astringent variety of persimmon that is highly popular. Because of their non-astringent nature, they can be enjoyed while they are still firm. They are also undoubtedly Japan’s symbol of Autumn. 🍂

The Fuyu Persimmon Tart is available from 1st November – 30th November.

Only available in:
– 12cm (2-3 pax)
– $35+

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📌 Shaw Centre (02-05)
📌 Raffles City (B1-46)