Indigo Blue Kitchen


Inspired by fond memories of growing up in a true blue Peranakan household, Indigo Blue Kitchen is a Peranakan heritage project by Les Amis Group Chairman, Mr Desmond Lim as a personal tribute to his grandmother.
With an emphasis on recreating distinctive Peranakan flavours of old, guests are invited to rediscover flavours of a bygone era. Gather in the company of family and friends, take in the restaurant’s soothing interiors and sit down to enjoy comforting Peranakan classics inspired by recipes from the matriarchs of old.
An inviting space decked in a cosy, neutral gray covering while sapphire laser-cut screen panels with traditional batik patterns gives the space with a little personality. With beautiful and soothing Batik art pieces, which further enhances the restaurant’s Peranakan identity, an elegant and modern space is created for diners to appreciate the comforting flavours of heritage Peranakan cuisine.
Come by and enjoy the comfort of Peranakan cuisine in this modern yet comfortable space with your loved ones. A recollection of fond memories of dining at home with the family.
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