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The Les Amis Group believes in nurturing talent for the future through structured programs catered for people who are passionate about hospitality. As part of our exclusive in house program – FRIENDS FIRST, successful applicants can look forward to a customised rotation plan. This can include shadowing management, taking on responsibilities such as manning a station in the kitchen or even working alongside our marketing and training teams in the corporate office. The possibilities are only limited to how fast and how adept you are during your internship. All internships require you to produce a project to suggest an improvement that can be implemented at the outlet level at the end of your internship. We offer 2 types of internships and they are:-


We welcome stagiares to join us for stints no shorter than 3 months. You can look forward to working alongside our chefs and managers in a driven and committed environment. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

We are keen on stagiares who demonstrate ability and interest in achieving the highest levels of skill and service; who will engage deeply and substantively with the kitchen and front of house; and who are intent on growing both intellectually and personally.
Each of our concepts requires various degrees of experience from stages stagiares. Applications will be individually assessed based on requirements and expectations.

Transportation home from work will be provided if you end work late. Staff meals will also be provided. Kitchen whites, aprons and chef pants will be provided if you participate in a stage in our kitchens.

Please email your application to with the following:-

  • 1 page cover letter stating why you have chosen the F&B Industry
  • 1 page resume (if applicable to you)


Traineeships are administered by the Training & Development Department. Targeted at students from local institutions, the stints offered allows a trainee to experience first-hand how our kitchens and front of house teams operate. For those who prefer the non-operational side of the group, we offer traineeships at the corporate office with our Training and Development department as well as our Marketing and Communication departments. If you are considering a career in the hospitality industry, this program will help you gain an insight and make an informed decision in the near future.

The Les Amis Group prides itself with adopting the highest standards in the industry. In view of this, you will be required to go through 2 interview sessions. One with the Training & Development Department and another with the outlet Chef or Manager. A project suggesting at least one operational improvement at the outlet/department level needs to be submitted to your immediate supervisor for review at the end of your time with the group. During your traineeship, you will also need to attend feedback sessions where performance and comfort levels are monitored.

When considering potential students, we place utmost emphasis on students demonstrating a positive, passionate and enthusiastic attitude for the Food and Beverage industry.

You will be eligible for this program if you:-

  • Are a student studying in a local hospitality institution whose requirement is for you to complete an internship stint with a local F&B establishment
  • Have excellent academic and hands-on (operational) achievements
  • Can work in a fast paced environment

We offer immersive learning opportunities which are customised for each intern based. You will also be eligible for pro-rated Annual Leave, Public Holidays, Medical Leave and staff dining discounts at participating outlets. Transportation home will be provided should your work require you to work late.

Please email your application to with the following:-

  • 1 page cover letter stating why you chose the F&B Industry
  • 1 page Resume

 Testimonials From Our Interns

“I joined the group as a marketing intern for Peperoni Pizzeria in 2013 and eventually full time post-graduation in 2014. One thing that makes this company shine is the people. You can replicate products, but the culture is what makes people stay. Despite its success, every role no matter how minor is never ignored here. Interns don’t have to file papers the whole day, the directors serve in the restaurant if it’s lacking manpower and managers keep up with their team’s learning journey. That is what makes this company worth your choice.”
Chevonne Cheng
Les Amis Group Public Relations Associate

“I have never regretted choosing Les Amis for my internship. Over the 5 months at different outlets, the overall experience was fulfilling. I would strongly recommend people to choose Les Amis Group as the place to go to for their internship.”
Sean Goh
Temasek Polytechnic

“I did my Student Internship Programme (SIP) with Les Amis Group from March to September 2014. I worked at La Strada and Bistro Du Vin during my time with the group. Throughout my internship, I have learned a lot of things and they include not only culinary skills. I have also grown a lot as a person being able to take hardships, to be flexible, think on my feet and to expect the unexpected. I have also learned how to manage myself better as a person and to take pride in whatever I am doing and to own my mistakes. I learned to not be afraid to make mistakes however, it’s just that I have to ensure that I learn from it and not commit them again.”
Brian Loke
Temasek Polytechnic

“A great place to learn and explore more about the F&B scene in Singapore. The internship with Les Amis had enabled me to be more aware of the current F&B scene in Singapore as well as allowing
me to get involved in the process at the various chains of restaurants. My internship was fulfilling because of the high level of interaction with the team and I was very well taken care of by the Training Department. At the end of my 6 month internship, I did not only know more about the company, but more importantly made friends and created shared experiences, truly understanding what Les Amis is really about – By friends For friends.”
Ben Ow
Singapore Management University

“Working in Les Amis restaurant as a service staff trainee was definitely eye opening and a fantastic experience for me in a world of fine dining. From the back-of-house as an abouyer in the kitchen, learning about the different dishes, looking at how the chefs cooks a particular dish and the different cooking methods to the front-of-house as a waiter, learning the sequence flow of operation, communicating with guests, building rapport, and providing guests with an unforgettable dining experience. I had a marvellous opportunity with the wine team, tasting the many different wines and learning about where they came from. Working alongside a cheerful and fun team was what I enjoyed most. An exceptionally unforgettable working experience in Les Amis restaurant.”
Jemuel Too
Institute of Technical Education

“I am currently a student in ITE Collage West, taking Technical Diploma in Culinary Arts with Restaurant Management. I was an intern with the Les Amis Group from January to June 2014. I gained a lot of experience, product knowledge, and exposure. In Bistro Du Vin, the chef was willing to teach and share his knowledge with everyone in the kitchen. From this experience, I improved my organisation, hygiene and cooking skills; be it cutting and cooking or the product knowledge gained from only handling the product. It is a place that allows you to grow and realise your own potential. It certainly helped me to improve my personal relation skills and how to organise and run the stations. It was fulfilling for me as I met the goals set before the internships. Overall my experience with the Les Amis Group was a fulfilling and memorable one.”
Kevin Chew
Institute of Technical Education

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