La Tapería


Opened in October 2014, this Spanish concept on the 2nd storey of Shaw Centre offers a holistic dining experience with traditional Spanish food, affordable drinks and a bigger, better space. It boasts the largest Spanish wine collection in any local restaurant, on top of a plethora of Glendronach single cask whiskies aged in the best Spanish Oloroso casks.
Its curved windows and hand-painted terracotta tiles framing turn-of-the-century posters recreate a bonafide Spanish home. Spirited Spanish tunes enliven the palette of moody browns and mossy greens while clusters of exuberant lamps hand-made by Eperara-Siapidara weavers in Colombia perched above the tables add a dim glow.
The warm dining space can accommodate up to 75 people, perfect for some late-night tapas over drinks in good company.

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