Mui Kee


Mui Kee’s humble origins date back to 1979 where founder Mak Mui, a spirited young lady, took the plunge to open Mui Kee in a small corner stall in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.
Today, Mui Kee is owned by Mak Mui’s grandson, Ah Tung, who took over the reins from his father at the age of 22, as part of his late grandmother’s wish that he continues the family business. Using recipes and cooking techniques which have been passed down through three generations, every scoop of silky smooth congee is filled with comforting warmth and a touch of old-school ingenuity.
Mui Kee, made its first venture into the Singapore food market with an eight-month-long pop-up at Casa Verde, as part of a collaboration with the Les Amis Group.
Mui Kee is now located at Shaw Centre and Mui Kee Express is located at Cluny Food Court.
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