Peperoni Pizzeria


Peperoni Pizzeria started out in 2004 in a leafy enclave at Greenwood, welcoming friends and families with comforting Italian classics and a warm atmosphere.
While Peperoni’s wood-fired pizzas and traditional pastas are well loved by the young and old alike, over the years, the pizzeria has become synonymous with its signature offering – the one-of-a-kind XXL 21-inch pizzas. From prosciutto to pepperoni, ham, chicken, and seafood, there is something for everyone on the menu.
The vibrant energy of Peperoni’s staff and loyal followers has turned it into more than just a restaurant. It has evolved into a much-loved destination driven by its ‘Appetite for Life’ philosophy, a place with a mission to bring people together, bind relationships, and savour life in all its delightful flavours.
From Greenwood, Peperoni has since opened in neighbourhoods such as Frankel Avenue, Zion Road, Suntec City, Biopolis, Upper Thomson, Botanic Gardens, Farrer Park and most recently, United Square and SOCIEATY.
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