Shabu Shabu Gen


Shabu Shabu Gen opened in 2009 to cater to the high-end Japanese Shabu Shabu market in Singapore.
Whilst one can find high-end sushi, sashimi, tempura and even yakitori restaurants in Singapore, there is a lack of shabu shabu equivalents. Shabu Shabu Gen aims to fill this void by elevating Japanese hotpot into a fine-dining experience in an equally stunning setting.
Owner Chef Kunio Aoki is the brainchild behind this concept. In addition to sourcing prime Japanese beef from boutique cattle houses, this accomplished but unassuming Japanese chef selected the exquisite handmade crockery himself. The result is arguably the finest shabu shabu restaurant in Singapore, if not all of Southeast Asia.
Shabu Shabu Gen is located a few doors away from its elder sibling Aoki, at Shaw Centre (Singapore) and The Plaza in Jakarta (Indonesia).
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