Sweet Treat for the Sweetest

We all know mothers try their best to be the sweetest they can be, and that’s why they deserve a treat that’s just as sweet as their efforts. What better gift for them than the perfect representation of a mother’s love – Krusty’s special Strawberry & Spearmint Choux Rocher ($18 for one, $30 for two, nett)!

A decadent 13cm wide Choux Rocher filled with many layers of homemade goodness! A vanilla mascarpone cream decked with buttery coconut cake, layered with a chunky and fragrant strawberry compote. Topped with vibrant cherry chutney and garnished with aromatic Spearmint and Lemonbalm cresses. Best enjoyed chilled!

This wonderful treat is available for ordering on Krusty’s Google Form on their Instagram page from 1st May 2002 for pickup/delivery (self-arranged) on the following dates – 6, 7, and 8 May 2022.