Wishing everyone an auspicious Chinese“NIÚ” Year

This prosperous Year of the Ox, bring family and friends to Mui Kee for the comforting taste of tradition with four festive treats lined up this Lunar New Year.

Mui Kee wishes everyone: A great start to the year with Five Blessings (五福临门, $26.80++), a claypot dish filled with stir-fried succulent prawns and a myriad of colourful vegetables; full stomachs and filled pockets with Plentiful Wealth (鲍你发财, $36.80++), an umami-packed claypot with plenty of braised abalone and mushrooms; a year of Bountiful Treasures (黄金万两, $10.80++), crispy dough fritters with a smooth squid paste; and lastly, to enjoy Double Happiness (好事成双, $12.80++), a sumptuous dried oyster congee with a side of velvety century eggs.

The Chocolate Tart, on the other hand, is made with pumpkin puree – giving the dessert a lovely creamy and sweet touch – Valrhona dark chocolate, milk and ground spices, adding a warm spice kick to the treat. While the Chicken Wings is a classic must-have for any celebrations!

Join us at either Shaw Centre or SOCIEATY! For those who wish to enjoy the Lunar New Year in the comforts of home, order from Mui Kee’s Chinese New Year menu on Grab, Deliveroo or FoodPanda now.